Stacey on June 10, 2023

Bought these for my son when they were released. They came fast and on time and the packaging was good! He absolutely loves them, says they’re the best gloves he’s played with and he can’t wait for his new season with them, and they saved me spending a fortune on the gloves I would normally buy him! We will definitely purchase these again and I recommend these to any mother looking for gloves for their sons!

Amazing Gloves!

Jamie Mackinnon on June 12, 2023

Quality of the gloves is unreal with durable but thin latex for maximum movement and a lasting pair of gloves. Unreal grip and an overall nice feel on the ball. Great on astro and grass too. Gloves came quickly. Great value for money and great gloves.


Owen B on July 28, 2023

Won gloves in a giveaway the came within a few days with great service from the team. Used them when out in Spain on astro surface. Not a single wear or tare and wore them for a week straight. After a wash the black marks from the astro came out really easily and the grip is still unreal. Would 100% recommend


Lucas F on August 23, 2023

Got these gloves after seeing them in use first hand I've got to say, after using them myself I've got to say that they're very comfortable and the grip is very good. I'm satisfied with my purchase.

Snug fit and full of confidence!

Shamim Ekramullah on Sep 19, 2023

I like my gloves a little tight and theese provide the perfect balance between comfort and security. They sit securely around my forearms and I could easily play strapless with them.
They provide a tremendous amount of confidence, to the point where I can easily play with a slightly fractured finger!nThe latex is very very good as well!

Overall fantastic value for money!

Top class gloves

Patryk O’Brien on Oct 12, 2023

I’ve been wearing these gloves for quite a while now and the quality is unreal especially the comfort inside the glove you really feel in control of the glove with this fit. The grip is another thing that has made a very positive impression on me, the grip was brilliant from the very start but a problem I’ve had with popular brands is that grip wears off quickly it has been the complete opposite with the ProvenGk gloves after using them for a while the grip is still amazing!!! And after using the gloves on both Astro and grass they still haven’t sustained any wear & tear!

In my opinion these gloves are what a proper pair of goalkeeper gloves should be I’ve had countless pairs of gloves from big brands that have deteriorated rapidly but with these gloves not only do they last a lot longer they are also a lot cheaper!

I would definitely recommend.